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…About Bud McCorkle and our
investigative organization…
In 1963 Bud McCorkle began his
career in law enforcement. He
joined the security department of
a major retailing chain in 1977.
From 1978 until 1995, he was
their Corporate Director of
Security and Loss Prevention. In
1970, Bud McCorkle and
Associates was formed and has
since expanded.
Our investigative team’s pursuits
relate to corporate internal theft
investigations, (employee theft
and embezzlement,
internal/external physical security
consulting, reward intelligence
programs, workers
compensation, fraud background
research, electronic and video
surveillance, general and specific
intelligence matters, electronic
countermeasures services, and
undercover operations.
Through our office, we provide 6
field investigators, 3 complete
sub-rosa surveillance teams, 5
undercover investigators (used
for industrial/commercial internal
theft and drug problems),
computer and electronic experts
for electric sweeps, custom
designed covert CCTV and voice
stress analysis.

Bud McCorkle has been a member of
the American Society for Industrial
Security (ASIS) since 1978. He has
attended nationwide training seminars
sponsored by International Security
Conferences (ISC) since 1973. Also
he has been a member of the Indiana
Association of Chiefs of Police ( IACP)
since 1973.
BMA has been a member of
International Society Stress Analyst
(ISSA) since 1979, and is the only
certified school for Voice Stress
Analysis through the State of Indiana (
ILETB ) and American Polygraph Voice
Stress Analysis (APVSA).
Bud is also listed in the American
Police Hall of Fame and also recently
inducted for the second time in the
Strathmore’s Who’s Who Worldwide –
Our competent staff is supported by
the extensive capabilities of an
outstanding investigative organization.

Bud McCorkle, Owner
BMA Investigation Service, LLC
1000 Main St
Anderson, IN 46016
License #: PI21800007

BMA Provides: 

 VSA – Voice Stress Analysis
 Polygraph
 Investigative Interviews
 Personal Protection
 Retail Security Surveys
 Inventory Control Surveys
 Loss Prevention – “Honesty
 Surveillance
 Fraud Investigations
 Workers Compensation
 Civil/Criminal Background

Employee Theft &

BMA can uncover,
prosecute, and control
these preventable losses.
Worker’s Compensation

BMA has the expertise
and sophisticated
techniques to uncover and
document malingering or
outright fraud.
Accident Investigation/

A very costly overhead
can affect you and your
employees due to false
or inaccurate reporting.
BMA has the ability
and experts available to investigate,
reconstruct, and make
recommendations on “crash” reports.
Violence in the Work Place
employees or domestic
spousal problems have
recently caused an
increasingly serious
exposure to corporate personnel.
BMA’s security consultants can
develop security procedures and
contingency planning in the event of a
violent crisis.

Digital Voice Stress

Detection of Deception
Examinations …

Bud has performed an estimated
25,000+ exams since 1979.
BMA Services Include: Private
Sectors, Law Enforcement,
Prosecution, Public Defenders, and
Private Individuals.
BMA provides DVSA training for Law
Enforcement throughout the United


BMA Investigation Service,

Bud McCorkle, Owner
Phone: 765-621-0309

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